Top Dollar Slot: A Popular Slot Variation

One of the most famous and successful slot variations created and launched by International Game Technology, Top Dollar Slot offers bonus games and jackpot prize that lures many slots players. This game has similar features with classic slot variations but it uses more attractive and colorful graphics. To know the other special elements of the game, let us have a glance at the basic features and game play of Top Dollar Slot.

Description of Classic Top Dollar Slot Machines

Classic Top Dollar Slot Machines have three reels and a single pay line. One attractive characteristic of these slot machines is that it has 3x multiplier icons which gives chance to players to further improve their original payouts. Another thing is that classic Top Dollar slot machines only allow players to place at most 3 coins, which prevent new gamblers to lose great stakes in the game. Hence, by placing the maximum bet, gamblers have the opportunity to take home 4,000 coins if they get the top prize.

Information on Top Dollar Bonus Round

Players have the chance to increase their payouts by getting a Top Dollar symbol since it activates the game's bonus stage. In this stage, four various offers appear on the screen. If players do not want the first offer, another offer appears. The bonus round ends when players accept the offer or after the final offer appears on the screen. Meanwhile, players get the jackpot prize if they get three Triple Diamond symbols.

A Peep at Top Dollar Slot Machines That Have Five Reels

Since many players follow Classic Top Dollar Slot, International Game Technology introduces Top Dollar Slot Machines that have five reels as well as nine pay lines. The maximum bet that players can place in these slot machines is 360 coins. However, they accept various coin denominations including pennies, quarters and dimes. By placing the maximum bet, players can take home at most 200,000 coins.

Bonus Game and Jackpot Prize in Top Dollar Five Reel Slot

The mechanics in the bonus game of Top Dollar Five Reel Slot are similar with Top Dollar Three Reel Slot. However, to get the jackpot prize in Top Dollar Five Reel, players should get five Double Diamond icons on a single and active pay line.

Top Dollar Slot is interesting and entertaining to play. Hence, to maximize opportunities in this game, it is important that gamblers always place the maximum bet. In this way, they have the chance to take home the top prize. In addition, players should bear in mind that it is best that they employ effective bankroll management strategies in the game to make sure that they will not lose great stakes.