Slot Tips to Enhance Your Power to Win

Beating slot machines consistently is kind of hard to do but there are some slot tips that you can follow to increase your chance of beating them every now and then.

The first slot tip on the list is to search for the best paying slot machines. Keep an eye on slot machines that advertised of paying out from 95% to 99%. The usual denomination of these slot machines are one-dollar and higher.

The second slot tip on the list is to focus mainly on the non-progressive slot machines. Compared to the progressive ones that are usually programmed to give out higher number of symbols and reels, non-progressive slot machines are much profitable in the long run. Playing in non-progressive slot machines will give you a better chance of getting frequent payouts especially if those machines are located on the best locations in the casino floor.

The third slot tip on the list is to bribe or give some compensations to a casino employee. You can ask a casino employee assigned in the slot machine area to point the best machine to play. You can bribe them by giving them a certain portion of your winnings if they will led you to that slot machine.

The fourth slot tip on the list is to play in slot machines with higher denomination that also meets your bankroll. It is a fact that higher denomination slot machines are paying much better to the players. Therefore, if your bankroll can afford the five-dollar machine, then go for it. But if your bankroll is quite lower, then you can drop down the denomination to a dollar and lesser. Usually, dollar machines pay out 95%, quarter machines pay out 93%, and nickel machines pay out 90%.

The fifth and last slot tip on the list is to transfer to the next slot machine if the one you are playing is not paying out anything to you. It has been observed that two loose slot machines are never placed right next to each other on the casino floor. If you are confident that the slot machine you are playing is located on the best location on the casino but it is not paying out, then try the other one next to it. Maybe that one is the loose slot machine and not the one that you are playing.

These slot tips are really simple to do while you are in the casino floors looking for the best slot machine to play for the night. These slot tips can really increase your opportunity to beat those slot machines.