Get Smart, Get Your Slots Player's Card

Slots is the most exciting thing that happened since the wheel was invented. That's why it's no mystery that it accounts for more than two thirds of what your favorite casino earns in profit every year. Many slots enthusiasts do not realize that they can take a bite out of this casino windfall if they only know how. If you're interested, just read on and learn the secret of smart slots players.

Regardless of the slot denomination, from nickel all the way up to dollar slot machines, all smart slots players do something in common to ensure that they fully enjoy every penny that they drop---they insert their slots player's card into the machine before pulling on the lever. That way, all their bets add up to their player's history in the casino's data bank. But this is going ahead of the story.

When you enter the doors of the casino, head off right away to the redemption center window and join the casino's slots club or player's club, or whatever your casino calls these plastic cards the size of your driver's license. When you fill out the application form, your account will be created containing you name, address and other information. When your card is ready, which usually takes just five minutes, you can have your personal identification number, or PIN imbedded on the magnetic strip at the back of the card to guard against unauthorized redemption of benefits. Every time you play slots, see to it that your card is inserted in the slot machine so that the casino will be able to track how much you have spent on that particular slot machine and in other slots that you've played.

There's a good reason why you need the casino to keep track of your play. The more money you spend in wagers, the more points you earn. The points you've earned will entitle you to complimentary casino benefits, or "comps," which could range anywhere from hotel room discounts to free drinks and meals. If you're a big spender, or a high roller, you could be entitled to free hotel accommodations, airplane tickets and limo service to and from the casino, depending on the amount of points you've earned. If you wish, you can use these points to play more slots instead of using your own money.

Even if you only play penny slots, don't forget to join up because you could still earn as much as five to ten dollars, which is better than nothing at all. But more importantly, these points is the casino's way of returning to you a portion of what you have spent. When you start thinking of these points as rebates, then it won't be difficult for you to play smart and enjoy your rebates.