Playing Slot Machines Tips

Are you fond of playing slot machines? Slots have almost no rules or strategies you need to learn. But we have some bits of advice for you that can help you have more fun while playing slot machines next time.

Tip: Don't expect to walk away a winner every time.

Slot machines, like all games in the casino, are designed to take money from players. This money goes either to a few lucky players who do win (in effect getting back what others lost), or to the casinos who use that money to stay in business. You can't be among the lucky winners all the time. So when you play, don't get your hopes up. Expect to lose and if you win, take it as a pleasant surprise.

Tip: Don't get bent over your losses.

You WILL lose more often than not while playing slot machines. But running furiously after your losses by betting more coins or spinning faster or both won't get back what you lose. If you're losing your temper, take a break and play a different game. Playing slot machines can be addictive; that one-armed bandit will have its hooks on you before you know it. So find a diversion once in a while.

Tip: Avoid playing slot machines in the same place each time.

Don't get stuck with one slot machine. Try different ones. You may think your favorite is loose enough, but there could be others even looser.

Also, don't stick with a tight slot machine in an attempt to win back your money and "get even" with it. Playing slot machines pits you against mindless computers that don't know what you're doing. It feels nothing. So don't take it personally. Find another slot and you might just get luckier.

Understand how slot machines work.

While playing slot machines is as idiot-proof as it gets, you do need to know a few things about it. That would help you understand the game better and avoid common players' mistakes.

For example, slot machines churn out spin results in a quite random manner. A computer chip inside does all the work and there is absolutely NO rigging or patterning involved. You can't track or predict it either by studying the results that come. Further, a jackpot is as probable at one moment as in another. The slot won't know if it just hit a jackpot; so it can do it twice in a row or once in a year.

Tip: Budget your bankroll.

Playing slot machines can drain your bankroll. You may think slots are inexpensive but that is not necessarily true. For instance, penny slot machines may be cheap, but they are often multi-payline with multiple betting options so that you wind up betting the same as in higher denomination slots. Further, the lower denomination slots are tighter than the higher ones. So a dollar slot pays out more wins than a quarter slot.

Set a limit to the amount of money you will bet on any visit to the slots area, and also the amount you're willing to lose. Once you reach your loss-limit, stop at all costs.

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