Play the Golden Dragon Slot Machine

Golden Dragon Slots is just like the type of slot machine players are accustom during the early days of slot machine. This slot machine function on a 3-reel and I pay line set-up and resembles the vintage slot machines. The reels mechanism resembles the standard reels that lords the casino rooms for more than two decades ago. Golden Dragon slot machine features six 7's icons needed for bonus games and Triple Lucky Wild icons in another bonus game. This icon (Triple Lucky) performs as the multiplier.

Money Slots Option Used in Golden Dragon Slots

A credit waging system or a 3-coin is available in Golden Dragon slots so betting procedure will not be a problems for players. Four coin denominations are allowed in Golden Slots game, the 25 cents, then 50 cents, a dollar and the fourth coin denomination use is the High Dollar Option. Some versions of Golden Dragon slot machine games come in single denomination and the multi-denomination version. Multi-denominations version of this slot machines are place in approved areas in a casino room.

Golden Dragon Slot Bonus Game is activated when the 3rd reel in the machine gets a Golden Dragon symbol and the utmost bet his place. You're given 5 coins to spin on the money track. A dice is place on the upper portion of the screen and you will have to "roll" it using a specific "spin button".

By collecting 3 Yin/Yang icons a player is transferred to another money trail that is lighted. This will rewards you with additional 10 coins that avails you of another option to increase the money value of bonus prize. While on the trail any coin values gathered will add to your total winnings.

This bonus game concludes when a "collect" icon is strike or the bonus game will abruptly ends when a "mystery" icon is hit and the icon will show a game over graphics. But in most cases the mystery symbol discloses a positive event. If, after a 30 spin elapse without hitting a "collect " icon this bonus game will ends ant the game is finish.

The Golden Dragon Slot Jackpot

This bonus game is activated when three Triple Lucky icons gets on the pay line. The maximum bet is 500 coins, if two coins is wage the jackpot prize is 1,500 coins and if you wager three coins that's equivalent to a 3,000 coin bonus. Slot players who have fun in the 3-reels slot machine will surely enjoy Golden Dragon slots. The game is simple even though a lower bonus prize is offered compared to other progressive jackpot, but the percentage of getting the jackpot is extremely high.